Magical Chuck, you wizard, you!

Just wanted to let you know how great I’m doing! Once I had a chance to get settled into my life again, I have been on FIRE. Confidence through the roof, connecting with people like never before, brimming with enthusiasm and love, scatterbrained (and ok with that because I know why), extreme clarity with my own situation and others’, kicking ass at work, not tied to a schedule in any way, calm in adverse moments, fearless, etc, etc, etc. I could go on and on—and lately I do! It’s hard to get me to shut up lately, which is also new and different, haha.I’ve been listening to TED talks on my commute, and reading Eckhardt Tolle’s “A New Earth.” Funny story — I bought that book about four years ago, got about 10 pages in and put it aside, thinking “eh, I don’t get it.” When I saw it on your website, I dusted it off, started over and—you guessed it—I totally get it now! It should be required reading for post-Chuck visits. Great supplemental material.All that to say, I can’t ever thank you enough! You helped me get the “me” back that I hadn’t seen in a decade, and improved upon that even. You saved my life, maybe not literally but definitely spiritually.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.   –Jenni

The Switch

It was deep work
Rewriting programs
The wisdom of the body

We did questions and answers
We did who is the master?
Who is the slave?
How best to save
The life that is wanted

Peace of mind
We did find
No blame or judgement
Only simple appointment
A pointing out of dynamics
A vision of seeing the antics

The roles in the play
Did change that day!
Just seeing who gives the orders
And the subsequent disorder
Was all it took
To rewrite the book
No more inner violence
Just plane silence

No struggle
No trying
Not even crying!

What a glorious gift
To align this bliss
With a simple switch!

Randy Dolan

Dearest Chuck:

Your current work evolved around the works of Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohen, Vernon Howard (specifically The Power of the Supermind), Osho, Anita Moorjani, Deepak Chopra etc., have made such a huge impact on me, I cannot thank you enough!  You are a person of vision and are so utterly gifted at what you do.  It was brilliant for you to name your system Psychoenergetic Transformation because true transformation does indeed occur! I feel a great deal of gratitude for you and your system of therapy and look forward to continuing our work together.



All I can say is – wow! And Chuck is such a great guy and so good at what he does. Just heading on my way home and wanted to say thank you for putting me in touch with him. We covered a tremendous amount of ground and it was incredibly helpful and life-changing. Hard to describe but I feel like a different person. We definitely share everything with you but would prefer to do so in person than text. Much love to you on this beautiful, rainy Saturday afternoon. ️

From Bill to Michael Nourse about his session

I so appreciate the work we did yesterday and the day before, feeling it all integrating. Alison is such a lovely flower! You both inspire me so much. My trust in Damian has markedly grown since seeing his sincerity on the table. Pairing that with losing my fear of my own inadequacy (and watching him lose his fear of commitment etc) has started to shift my perspective and I can feel that I am seeing matters of the heart clearer. Feels like more equal footing  and I look forward to being in a place where I can see and participate in the choosing instead of passively submitting to his pursuit. I love him so and recognize we are also part of the whole and need the support of Nature, God, Reality for this to continue developing. I look at how I tried to orchestrate my brother coming to see you and Nature was like…. not yet. Of course, now I am thinking… do I have a charge with not being able to be in control) of my own life? Lol. More work to be done always. Today is about appreciation for the work! Words cannot explain! Hope your session with Katie goes smoothly, she is a bright light. Sending love!


“Wow! Incredible session. I treated myself to a delicious Italian dinner solo. I feel free as a Bird.We’ve unlocked the circle.

And the victim issue at the root of my most intimate relationships! Makes all the sense in the world. And you are facilitating a freedom- I thank you a million times for this work. I remember what you said about ‘nothing’: me saying I have nothing…so much to let go, to allow space for love here and now. No Lot’s wife fate for me.

You are a true healer, inspired, empathetic. Loving.

Thank you thank you. xx”