Charles McCaughan, a native of Seattle, started his professional life as a “method” actor training under the Stanislavski, Meisner & Strasburg systems. After studying theatre at the University of Washington, he moved to England where he graduated from the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art.

At age thirty he began a rigorous pursuit of personal growth through traditional psychoanalysis and psychotherapies. Twelve years into those therapies he was inspired to return to college once again, earning a BA in Psychology from Union Institute and University.

Realizing that conventional techniques were not achieving the results he sought, he enrolled in an “alternative” psychoanalytical training program at The Society for Evolving the Self Matrix in Los Angeles, California, and completed an eight-year course of formal training, became a counselor in the field, and eventually the president of that organization.

Like so many others, he became acutely aware of the shortcomings inherent in academic psychology. In his continuing (and passionate) search for a more complete approach, he studied applied kinesiology, acupuncture, metaphysics, physics, energetics, and biology. From these combined studies, he conceived and developed a truly effective hybrid technique for psychological, physiological, and spiritual healing known today as Psychoenergetic Transformation.

Mr. McCaughan has been practicing and continually developing Psychoenergetic Transformation for the past 20 years.