Chuck McCaughan’s work speaks directly to the unconscious beliefs that become the “operating system” of the human being (body/mind/spirit). The intention of this work is to support the individual in moving from a defensive mind/body system of limitations into a secure trust/empathy-based experiential living by resolving old feelings and beliefs created by the individual’s life experience and history.

Similar to the way Reiki dissolves or collapses energetic blocks for the body, Chuck’s facilitation of Psycho-energetic Transformation will

1) identify the specific belief(s) that drive(s) the feelings and behavior(s)
2) reveal the beliefs that are selectively creating/manifesting a person’s life’s experiences
3) collapse the negative emotional ‘charge’ that was underpinning the belief

Once the ‘charge’ is neutralized, the belief collapses and the identity shifts, leaving the individual free to respond/operate through personal will and conscious choice in NOW time, instead reacting (in NOW time) based on old experiences and feelings (in historical time).